Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July Race Morgan Hill

Let me begin with filling in some details prior to the race. The race took place on Saturday July 4th, 2009. On Thursday, I came home from the Commissary feeling very weak and light-headed. I thought may-be I was just dehydrated or hungry or something. Later that day I spike 101 fever and begin having this really nauseaus feeling come over me. I had the feeling of food backing up to the top of my throat the whole day. Needless to say my want for eating or drinking ANYTHING was all but lost to the cosmos. So finally in the afternoon I PUKE! I mean so hard it came out my nose! Yeah not pretty. Christina had to leave the room next to the bathroom because of the retching sounds I was making. Of course, Mark wanted nothing more than to give dad backrubs and tell him it was going to be ok, but it was best he stayed out. Then followed the brown river. Yeah it was a great day. So two days before I am to race it was not a pretty picture. The following day I felt much better, but had a headache and was clearly dehydrated. While feeling better, my appetite was not there and I went much of the day not eating much. Drinking wasn't very much either! So I go onto race day very depleted of nutrition and hydration and let me tell you I felt it!

Race morning it thought I'll get some quick energy into me. NUTELLA AND TOAST (for lack of bagels)! Plus a powerbar (which is part of my normal routine) but my appetite was still absent and I never had the powerbar. I drank Powerade, but not as much as I should.

Trying to get to the race was ridiculous, after parking and walking we got directions for an alterante route to the start of the race. I arrive with 10 minutes to start. I do a quick warmup...aka jog from parking lot to registration...quick stretches...aka major muscle groups (quads, hams, calves)...and then a couple of quick maybe 5m strides/jogs to the start line. Needless to say not my usual warmup.

So here I am thinking I run slower, but try to nail the paces. Here are the results:

Mile 1 - 6:35 a little fast, but felt ok. HR - 180 bpm

Mile 1.5 - DEHYDRATED...Spit is super sticky and I have major cotton mouth

ALAS water table, but not volunteers, is it for racers or personal racers? Don't know, don't care, grab cup. Now in my mind I am think I am thirsty, but my arm translates this as I am hot and so instead of going to my mouth it goes over my head. I am wet and thirsty, all I needed was Dusty Bottom to offer me lip balm.

Mile 2 - 7:05 (13:40 total) Fell off pace by 30 seconds. Tired but felt I could finish strong at least maintain 7:05. But I am really thirsty and feel like I have a weak drive. HR - 191 bpm

Mile 3 - 7:19 (21:01 total) Ok...realizing I am feeling pretty crappy I say hit three miles at 21 min because now I know I was not going to get under 21. Did it...Just push this last bit with whatever you have left and bring it home. HR - 195 bpm

Last .1 mile - 42 seconds (If I could kept looking 7:00 pace). Ok I picked up with whatever I had left. I am done. I feel like crap and my head hurts. I am dehydrated and need water! Find shade, keep walking. HR - 201 bpm!

So I finished strong. Everything I had and I can be proud of that, if my pace had been near 6:30 for that last .1, I would have held too much back and just been a wuss for the middle portion of the race, but not the case. Good race...NO...but I finished it even with everything against me and I didn't say I was just not going to run.

Final time
21:44 (6:59 miles)

So overall what does this tell me. I probably should have gone out even slower! Perhaps it my first mile was actually 7 minutes I would have been able to keep the pace a little more consistent...still feel shitty, but at least more consistent. Still under 7 which is better than nothing. I am a strong runner...can't forget that.

As for the race...not doing Morgan Hill again. It was poorly organized...and a water table with no volunteers is weird. No Goody Bag, and an ok shirt. Frankly not worth the drive or race fee. Santa Cruz 4th of July next year. And I'll be ready!

As for the next couple of weeks I am busier than hell. I have to Tri-Training Monday and Wednesday. I have to sign the paperwork on tuesday to move to a new home. I need to primer the house that night and then paint the next day. School starts up next week. And after painting I begin moving whatever I can into the house with a big move on Saturday. Thanks to all the guys that are going to help on that one. Hopefully, should be a smooth transition. But I have some thoughts that maybe I get fnish up tomorrow before class and inbetween breaks. Until then, just keep kicking.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Going through the races

Well I would honestly love to have my races from high school to motivate me and remind me of how well I use to race, perhaps even to motivate my offspring to run faster than me. But not happening. I would even like to have the results from races run at school, but again not happening. Part of being disorganized, and moving too much (hence no logs). Maybe I can make that a better part of their life if they decide to enter this journey we call running.

So I will go to one of the events that changed my outlook of my life. I ran the Gate River Run 15K in Jacksonville, Florida in 2006. Prior to that had just moved to the area and started my first assignment in the Navy. Needless to say my life was pretty depressing with an empty apartment and a fridge full of liqour being the only things to look forward to. It was the beginning of better things to come.

Gate River Run 15K - 1:18:18 (8:25 pace)
St. Patty's Day 10K (Only 8 days later) - 47:14 (7:36 pace)
Memorial Day 5K (May 29th) - 21:50 (7:02 pace)
Children's Way 5K (Sept 26th) - 22:11 (7:08 pace)
Native Sun Mandarin 10K (Nov 4th) - 43:53 (7:05 pace)
Stop the Violence 5K (Nov 18th) - 20:33 (6:37 pace)
Jacksonville Bank Half-Marathon (Dec 17th) - 1:52:50 (8:39 pace)

Museum of Aviation Foundation Marathon (Jan 13) - 4:21:46 (9:58 pace)
I didn't train for this one and just decided to do it along with James and Stephanie...DUMB!

The rest of 2007 I spent on surge deployment, moving to Japan, deploying again, doing a hash, which I was too drunk to remember my time not that it mattered if you know anything about a hash and then we had little Mark in 2008.

I did two local MWR races in Japan but no results from them although I know they were not the best of times.

We then moved from Japan to Washington. I didn't run any races in Washington either that year.

Running of the Bulls (Apr 11) - 21:24 (6:53 pace)
Morgan Hill Mardi Gras Mushroom 5K (May 23) - 20:57 (6:44 pace)
Henry Coe State Park 10K (June 13) - 48:49 (7:52 pace)

This is definitely showing me that I have more in me if I were to train better. I am glad I did this tonight.

Well until the next time, just keep kicking.

Here's a second go at this

You know somehow I am going to get this I suppose that I can say that this is the beginning of a new chapter in my life. Next week I start school again and after a slightly disappointing first quarter I am looking forward to trying to make this next quarter better than the last. We move into our "new" home next week. It will be painted by yours truely and hopefully we will enjoy it more than our current residence. Saving almost $1100 a month won't be bad either. Speaking of saving, my last signature loan payment is made this month. And finally and probably most important the new addition to the family will be here, supposedly on the 23rd.

So where does this leave me? Trying to figure out what my goals are, where my fitness level is and how do I keep everything going for the long haul.

First things first. Goals!

I want to compete in the Pacific Grove Triathlon (Olympic Distance) and beat Frank more importantly. LOL.

I want to lower my 5K time into the 19 minutes. Get my 10K time into the 44 minutes.

I want to work on my swim form and breathing especially in the tired portion of my swimming. I want to really nail my breathing to better than every other stroke, and remember to exhale, but I think that will come after I get my form down.

I want to define training seasons and rest seasons.

I want to keep my passion for competition and keeping in shape from here on forth.


My fitness level well maybe more on that later. Yesterday sucked as I had some sort of stomach bug and it put a hurting on me. We'll see what kind of toll it takes on my race next weekend.


What sort of time do I have to train?

Well let's look at the week.
Monday - Bike to and from work 13 miles
Swim and run at Triathlon Camp
Tuesday - Bike to and from work 13 miles
Plyometrics/Gym work during hour break
Tri-plan has Brick (Bike 45min 70-80% Max/Run 15-30 min)
*What's my school work load?
*Can I do this at the end of the day?
Wednesday - Bike to and from work 13 miles
Swim and bike a Triathlon camp
Thursday - Bike to and from school 13 miles
Bike (80-85%)
Friday - Off
Plyometrics/Gym work
Open ocean swim?
Saturday - Bike (60 min 70-80%)
Sunday - Run (30-45 min easy)
Plyometrics/Gym work
*Can I do anything between classes without being burned out?

The big thing is going to be how do I feel as the week progresses and my fitness level progress. The next is simply managing my time so that I am well rested for the day, have time to train and time to be at home and help with things at home especially with the new baby.

So with the closing of this blog, starts a new beginning.

I have a race tomorrow and while I will keep from going 100% race effort, I will go at a very comfortable hard pace, with my heart monitor and try to nail paces.

That's all for now until next time, just keep kicking!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Today's the first day of many days

Well looking over the training plan today I begin the plan with 2 easy miles at 8:30 min/mile pace. I took Mark in the stroller. I clocked in the first lap at 8:10 and the second mile at 8:20. The first lap started right from home, and I think I am going to wait until I am on the strip before I start my clock next time. Pacing was offf obviously, but I was pushing mark so I felt slower then what I was really going. I'll have to work on that for next time. But now to the totals.

For the day: 2 miles
For the week: 2 miles
For the year: 13.4 miles

Totals for Friday

Total for the day:  2.4 miles
Total for the week: 8.15 miles
Total for the year: 8.15 miles

Not bad going into the weekend.

Saturday was a lazy day.  It was cooler and well frankly I didn't want to leave the house.  LOL.  I know not a good excuse but it happened.

On Sunday, I took Mark out for a quick 3.25 mile run.  I didn't worry about the time as I was just waiting for Christina to get back with Mexican.  Which by the way was BOMB!  Best Mexican we've had here for the price.  I forget the place but maybe Christina will leave a comment about where it is for those of you in Monterey who read my post...if there are any.

But at the end the run felt good, and the hills not as hard pushing Mark.  I think being rested helped.  I was talking to Mark during the run as if he was running it with me.  I am sure that would have seemed odd to most, but to me I it was nice to think of how I might help my son become an excellent runner.

So for the totals we have:
Total for the day: 3.25 miles
Total for the week: 11.4 miles
Total for the year: 11.4  miles

Today I start my training program so we will see how that goes.  Until then, just keep kicking.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday's Workout

Well after a grueling Calculus test Christina and I went to the MWR's Earth Day run. It consisted of 4 laps around the Del Monte Lake. It was good as most of the trail around the lake is dirt/crushed rock. This would provide for some good short runs during lunch. So I may want to incorporate that, especially if I am feeling a little more sore than normal. It is realtively flat with a single steep incline right at the beginning. But according to the MWR guys the total was 2.4 miles around the lake 4 times. We walked the first two laps which I pushed Mark for 1 lap and then Christina pushed for the second. I then took Mark for a run for the last two laps. No time, but that's fine. It was a good quick 1.2 miles and I felt good. Pushing Mark adds a little effort, and the trail was a little shaky so going any faster may have meant Mark would end up on his side which is not a good situation. But for that's all for now, so until then, keep kicking.

It is now Friday

Well fans, I fell a little off the bandwagon with keeping up on my blog.  I know the masses are devastated.  Not really, as there are probably only 3 people who read this.  I feel like that chick in "YES, MAN".  You'll know what I am talking about if you've seen it.  'Nuff said there.

So on Wednesday I didn't do anything.  So here's my numbers for that.
Miles for the day: 0
Miles for the week: 5.75
Miles for the year: 5.75

Not too happy about those numbers.  Yesterday (Thursday) I biked in with Frank and Dave.  The ride to school was not bad.  But the ride home just about killed me.  I need to leave my back pack at school.  LOL.  But I can't count those as miles as I don't know what the equivalent is.  There is a formula which will let me account for it so I'll put in y next blog.  

This afternoon will be a 2.4 miles around Lake Del Monte with the wife.  Looking forward to it.  Will post more tonight.  PS today is my anniversary with my with.  2 whole years and counting...LOL.  But I love you just as much today as I did when I fell in love with her.